Itogon Tourism, Culture & Arts

“The Land of Golden Opportunities”


Given the strength of Itogon as a tourist destination, the tourism stakeholders of Itogon envision the municipality to move towards the following idea outcome:

We envision Itogon as a choice destination for mountaineers and adventurers that seek for quality and unique experience nature and culture in a nurturing environment.

Goals & objectives


To increase the contribution of tourism to the development of Itogon, particularly on poverty alleviation, environment sustainability and heritage preservation.


  1. To develop an environment that will encourage tourists to stay longer, at least for an overnight in municipality.
  2. To expand the tourism market of the municipality to high-value tourists which will optimize the economic potentials of the attractions
  3. To increase opportunities for income and employment generation from tourism

” ITOGON, Benguet is more popularly known as the “gold haven” in the Region. With the mineral rich land and mountains oozing colors of crystal white to yellows to rich terra cotas and golds, rising from ordinary and semi-arid landscape. Driving through the now completely paved roads to the area, visitors get a glimpse of the ruins of once prosperous minesites that closed shop a few years back when the rich ores were depleted and and gone to muck. Lakes of granite-gray tillings still spread over some views. “

Design based on University of Baguio Summer OJT , 2022-2023