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To serve as a general-purpose government that delivers basic, regular and direct
services, effective and efficient participative governance to the people of the Municipality
of Itogon.



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A prosperous municipality adhering to development and responsive to change, morally
upright and disciplined citizenry living in an ecologically-balanced environment.


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The Municipality of Itogon shall ensure the education and health well-being of its
constituents, enhance socio-economic activities, maintain peace and order and improve
public morals, enrich its culture, preserve its environment, encourage the full participation
of its constituents, support the development of appropriate scientific and technological

Service Pledge

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We, the Municipal Officials and employees of the Municipality of Itogon commit to extend
quality delivery of the different frontline services equipped with the values of discipline,
courtesy, honesty and team work, pledge to perform with excellence and with the
following Service Standards because no one deserves for less:

  • Service with a smile
  • Be Polite and courteous
  • Transparency and openness
    (Clients’ access to information and avenues for complaints and suggestions)
  • Accountability
    (Hold each employee responsible to service quality)
  • Care and Sensitivity
    (Attention to details like clients’ comfort and making client feel that we are concerned
    with their well-being
  • Efficiency or promptness
    (The faster the service the more satisfied the clients)
  • Serve with sensitivity
  • Reliability or security
    (Services will be provided regardless of client’s sex, political affiliation and religion)
  • Action shall not be longer than three (3) working days for simple transactions,
    seven (7) working days for complex transactions and twenty (20) for highly
    technical transactions
  • Maximum signatories in any document limited up to three (3)
  • Refer clients to a maximum of only three (3) personnel
  • Attend personal inquiries within five (5) minutes
  • Staff must wear official identification card when transacting with public
  • No application/request to be returned to the client without appropriate action
    (Approval or disapproval of request)
  • All applicants or requesting parties who are within the premises of the office or
    agency concerned prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break
    shall be attended to.