Forestry Management, Parks and Wildlife Management

Environment and Natural Resources

An Ordinance penalizing all persons who cause fire and damages to forest zones, protected areas, watershed areas, agro and reforestation plantations within the Municipality.
Re: establishing and institutionalizing the Save the Ambalanga River Project in the Municipality of Itogon.
Re: Creating the Itogon Council for the Conservation and Protection of Wildlife & Sustainable Environmental Program.
Re: Establishing a fishery refuge and sanctuary along Agno River particularly at Outlet, Tinongdan, Itogon, Benguet.
Re: Creating the Municipal Environment and Natural Resource Council (MENRC) of the Municipality of Itogon and appropriating funds thereof.
Re: Declaring unlawful for any person to willfully destroy in any manner public forests.

Solid Waste Management

Re: Amending Section 1 Article XII of the provision of Ordinance No. 23, s.2003 (Comprehensive Solid Waste Management of Itogon).
Re: Amending Ordinance No. 21, s.2003 (Regulating the dumping of waste materials...)
Re: Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Ordinance of the Municipality of Itogon.
Re: Regulating the dumping and disposing of waste materials in any kind, soil and earth materials along rivers, tributaries and road side fo national, provincial, barangay and community road within the Municipality of Itogon.

Order of Business

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